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DJ Turntables Buyers Guide

So you want to buy a new DJ turntable to get into some deejaying stuff? It is never too late to lean on and take guidance from the professionals themselves. No matter who you are, a beginner or a professional, while buying a new product you need to get through some basic elements.

Following guide mashes up all the ingredients that will help you to pick the best Turntable according to your personal needs!

This write-up will take you from peak introduction to the most advanced level.

What on earth is a Turntable/Controller?

For Dummies, a Controller/Turntable uses knobs, jog wheels, encoders, faders, touch strips, and other components to mix music via connected software through a laptop or computer. On the other side of the story, some DJing Turntable has built-in LCD for direct monitoring of software.

Note that this device only passes out a signal to the software for controlling the functions in an efficient manner.

For connecting speakers or headphones, Turntableshave a built-in sound card so one doesn't have to connect an external sound card.

A typical Turntable is equipped with two jog wheels/turntables, multi-function pads and knobs to control the software. One can also remap the functions of onboard controls assigning whatever they like.

Turntables are specific in nature when it comes to software so be sure to check that which software your investment supports.

Modular vs All-in-one Turntables

A modular system consists of separate equipment like turntables, mixer, analog mixer, sound card and much more.

Although many pros out there prefer All-in-one Controller some professionals like to mix things through a modular system for outputting some unmatchable beats.

So if you want to follow the modular routine simply connect a pair of turntables or media players to a mixer for kick-starting your vintage experience.

All-in-oneturntables pack mixer, turntables, sound card and every essential in one package. Similarly, they include physical knobs, buttons, and sliders for more fine control over the software.

So many options on the all-in-one DJ Controller give users the utmost control of software in an efficient manner.

Stay back as we are about to introduce some points that will take your heart to an all-in-one Controller!

Advantages of All-in-one Controller

The simple yet greatest level of control with a lot of onboard functions.

Many high-end all-in-one Controller will allow you to control the system without connecting it to any computer. A life-saver for cases when your laptop battery dies!
Support a good amount of Software.

Now let us look for some basic features and functions of a Controller.

Basic Function and Features

Knobs, jog wheels, pads, faders, and much more control allow users to have full control of software.

Built-in display for many parameters and quick access to some highlighted features of software without actually looking into the laptop.

Effects processor, portable PA system (click for full review guide), an interface for transferring signals to the computer.
Direct control apps for smartphones and tablets found in some new turntables.

So you got your high-end Turntable, now what? For instance, what if the software doesn't have the capabilities to turn up your experience?

All that is covered below!

Software Talk

A Turntable/Controller is only bound to tackle the software in the best way possible but it is the software that takes all responsibilities of providing the crunch. Basically, a DJ Turntable just controls the software and whatever that you hear is the result of a good software team.

Software includes all the effects, filters, samples and pretty much everything that you control by the Turntable. All that hype is stored in that particular software that allows users to wonders out of a DJ Controller.

After picking the DJ Turntable one must concentrate on picking the best Software as it is the heart of any DJ system. Allturntables come in with a free copy of the software for performing the basics while the full version is set at a price. One can buy the full version of the included software for turning up the level but also considering other options is way more defined.

Note that a typical turntable doesn't support all software available in the market so be sure to match the support column of software and controller side by side.
Below we’ll look at some of the popular options available right now!

Serato DJing Software

Serato DJ software has partnered with hardware manufacturers to ensure that their DJ Controller deliver an unforgettable experience. Although Serato DJ software doesn't have a bunch of configuration options, people love the user-friendliness it offers.

This software works best with iTunes and side by side it also handles non-electronic music as well. Note that Serato doesn't cooperate well in a standalone mode, you must plug it into an interface or controller.

Sequencing your show in a real-time is based on multi-colored waveform editing that shows EQ settings in Serato DJ making a perfect visual experience. Similarly, workflows are streamlined and visualized as well to give you a never before experience.

Expansion packs take care of all that functions like triggering samples, applying effects and much more. Beating editing is on the go by Flip editor while authentic mixing and scratching are achieved by DVS pack.

Combining the power and ease of usability makes Serato the choice of million DJ’s.

Ableton Live

Although Ableton Live is a complete suite, many DJ’s prefer Ableton live since it was introduced back in 2001. This software includes all the professionality with its single-window easy to use interface.

For creating multi-layered mixes with a great versatility Live Arrangement section of this software lets you drag and drop elements to spice up your mix.

Experiments take users to a whole new level. Now set up an experimental environment through switching to Live’s Session view. Trying out different ideas, accessing whole effects library and creating different sample through it is now made easy with this interface. Similarly, a built-in browser helps you to find the right musical elements faster.

On Ableton Live it is pretty straightforward to assign controls to various knobs, buttons, pads, and sliders. You get a lot of templates to choose from according to your needs.
It all comes down to this DJ software. Ableton Live packs all the good into a user-friendly interface which makes many DJ’s to consider this very DJ software.

Traktor Pro

Native Instruments were amongst the few companies that manufactured both software and hardware for DJ’s. Traktor Pro is a powerful software that comes pre-loaded with Dj Turntables by Native Instruments. Similarly, some DJturntables also support Traktor Pro.
Remix Deck Concept of Traktor Pro makes it the talk of the town. This environment allows you to manipulate different component parts of music like slicing or dicing then freestyle in playback.

One can also customize the interface using Traktor to match the preferred work style. Traktor has various versions ranging from beginner to pro. Some have video capability while others offers some advanced functions that are not available anywhere!

Traktor Pro is counted amongst the most trusted Software available in the market.

Although there are much other software, above three stands out to be the best!

Now you have a clear idea of what turntables are all about! From top to bottom we have covered every area that will help you to pick the best turntable.

If you need any further consideration we have hand-picked threeturntables for different categories so that everyone feels like home.

Keep up with us to look at what has been recommended by the majority and professionals.

How To Best Choose Your Turntable

The first thing to consider no matter what you want to buy is the budget. It is also the same when it comes to buying the best turntable for you. Since you are likely to come across a variety of price tags attached to these devices, it is best to be sure of your budget (and requirements). These devices can be as cheap as $100 and can go up to 3 times this price. What we suggest here is to be a little patient, spend a couple of more bucks and get something that is better in terms of quality and longevity.

Next up is a few questions you might want to ask yourself. What are you trying to do with the turntable? Are you a beginner who just needs to get one for the sake of learning? Are you a professional who wants to impress the crowd? How would you connect the DJ controller - using a computer, a traditional mixer or a controller? In general, it is a good idea to think ahead in terms of what you require when buying a new turntable.

You may also want to consider how many turntables do you want. One would suffice if you have simple requirements but if you are planning on setting up a traditional DJ setup, you may need to buy two.

Connectivity is also important. Whether you want a USB or RCA connectivity (click for full RCA guide) can be one of the deciding factors. Having said that, most turntables these days provide RCA as well as USB connectivity allowing you to seamlessly switch between two to accommodate your hybrid setup. An important thing to keep in mind here is the fact that if you are planning to go the USB connectivity route, you will need DJ apps and software to play.

When buying a turntable you might also want to consider the type of motor it uses. There are two types mainly - the direct-drive motor and the and the belt-drive. In direct-drive, the motor is present right at the center of the table and is directly connected to it. This ensures lower flutter and wow and high torque. You will hardly find any fluctuation in the platter, which makes it an ideal choice for DJing. Talking about the belt-drive, the motor is located off-center and is not directly connected to the platter but with the help of a rubber belt. The belt drive motor results in more fluctuation, which being a DJ you would always want to avoid.

1- Top Pick

10 Best DJ Turntables in 2024 [Buying Guide] - Music Critic (1)Product reviewed in our top pick category has beaten others to top the list of Turntables!
Pioneer entered the world of Deejaying in 1994 with the popular CDJ-500 flat-top DJ player that rocked the nation. 20 years have passed but still, Pioneer is innovating the industry of Deejaying by producing high-quality equipment.
This company regularly develops new products that help DJ’s to break the stereotypes and make history.

DDJ-SB2 by Pioneer is the best entry-level professional DJ turntable that features switchable four deck controls, level meters and trims pots. Although DDJ-SB2 is made for Serato software, one can also use rekordbox to pump up the experience.
Just connect the USB cable and you are ready to mix some beats, no need for any additional power supply brick. RCA jacks for the master output, a ¼” mic in jack, and ¼’ and ⅛’ jacks for headphone make connectivity easy!

Thisturntable comes with DJ Serato Intro software and two-week full version trial so that you can have the taste of what the full-featured software looks like. Similarly, DDJ-SB2 is also compatible with Rekordbox software.

DDJ-SB2 is equipped with touch-sensitive performance pads. Top 4 rubber pads allow you to trigger Hot Cue, Autoloop, Manual Loop, and Sampler. Similarly, bottom 4 pads give you immediate access to Play, Cue, Sync, and Shift.

Now users can control up to four decks with this turntable. To control deck three simply press the “3 Deck” button in the left deck and vice versa for controlling the fourth deck. Further, this assigns the jog wheels, mixer control, library and transport to deck three and four.

Jog wheels are the heart component of any Turntable. In DDJ-SB2 you get large yet low latency jog wheels so that you experience a great scratch response and accuracy all along the mixing.

Detailing of channels was absent in the preceder of this DJ turntable. DDJ-SB2 features five segment channel level meters with each segment consisting of eight LEDs. So that means that you are able to see and edit the slightest detail of both channels.

Controlling the level of loaded tracks is now made easy with onboard trim knobs featured in this Turntable. Now you can easily adjust and check the input volume on each channel.
Deejaying experience is just refined with DDJ-SB2 by Pioneer. With switchable four deck controls, trim pots, level meters, and manual filters one can create something that has never been heard before.

2- Premium Choice

10 Best DJ Turntables in 2024 [Buying Guide] - Music Critic (2)We gathered the most expensive yet best product in our premium choice sector so that one can go absolute professional.

Since the building days ofturntables, Numark was amongst the few companies that adopted the science of new deejaying technology for producing the best mixing experience at every level.

Combining the classic feel with fresh hardware makes Numark produce revolutionary DJ products. For over 40 years this company is embraced for producing bestturntables one after another with that same historic passion.

Painted with the astonishing combo of red and white NV II by Numark grabs all the attention with its sleek design. Apart from appearance, thisturntable has much more to discuss.

Keeping aside the eye-catching design of NV II, it features an upgraded layout with clear markings so that one could operate it much faster. It is super designed and manufactured to bamboozle the experience of deejaying.

Aside from the cool yet professional looks, NV II features two 4.3-inch full-color screens so you don’t have to peak again and again into the laptop.

Beat match your tracks can take a lot of effort especially when you are all about the precision. NV II adds grid lines on the screens so you can easily and efficiently beat match your tracks.

If your track list isn’t categorized properly it takes a lot of time to find a specific track. In this turntable, you get a 5-column sort to view your music and 3 columns at a time by song, artist, time, bpm and key. So now you can easily access your music files regardless of the categorized or uncategorized folders.

Creating music is another thing but feeling the creation is totally different. With this DJ Controller, you can feel the music through adaptive 5-inch touch-activated platters.
EQ and filters options are touches sensitive as well giving you a full experience of what it is like to feel the music. Similarly, one can carve out a custom sonic mix by simply pressing the EQ/FX knob.

Scratching your favorite cuts with accuracy and genuine feel is now possible, thanks to the highly advanced touch adaptive jog wheels. With NV II by Numark, you are ready to take on any nightclub.

Now creating your own remix during a performance isn’t that hard, all praises go to 16 velocity-sensitive pads. Adding looping sampling, hot cues or any other option with bright RGB backlit pads is a completely new fashion to kick-start your remixing.

NV II features four deck control that allows you to combine versatile possibilities while monitoring your performance on built-in screens. One simple click allows you to switch instantly between the four decks.

A lot of connectivity options is that customers also love about this turntable. XLR outputs, Booth / Master RCA outs, ¼”-inch mic and headphone inputs mean that you have ample of options to connect pretty much everything.

NV II is all about that advanced features that you get at an incomparable price. With upgraded layout for fast operation, a lot of connectivity options and twin display it wouldn’t be wrong to comment that thisturntable proves its place in our premium section.

3- Great Value

10 Best DJ Turntables in 2024 [Buying Guide] - Music Critic (3)When it comes to money matters the product categorized under our great value section holds immense worth.

Developing digital audio solutions to attract users for creating versatile possibilities, Hercules is working for over 30 years to make every hard work go worthwhile. Here, engineers take examples by analog audio for producing state of the art deejaying equipment.

Producing great products for DJ’s has made this company a well-known icon in the audio industry. Philosophy of providing customers with the best available has made this company stand tall amongst the popular manufacturers.

Keeping that same ratio of consistency Hercules has manufactureda DJ controller compact which is an innovative piece of tech that promises to take your deejaying experience to a whole new level.

Along with the likes of affordability and compactness users get a ton of features with this DJcontroller making it no more less than any other expensive DJ Turntable out there.

Theoretically, DJ’s travel here and there with theircontrollers to spice up the environment with their skills. In this case, big and bulky DJ controllers will definitely ruin the whole transportation scene. Well, say thanks to this ultra-lightturntable that only weighs 1.2 pounds and measures in at 13.4 by 3.9 inches making your loading and unloading go viola.

In the world of wireless would you like to carry a separate power brick for your DJ turntable? Relax, as this Djturntable has got your back! You can power up this device by a simple USB connection to get going with your jamming.

Jog wheels are the most important element of any DJ Turntable as they are responsible for creating beats and fun. This very DJcontroller has two wide jog wheels each being at 2.95 inches in diameter. Similarly, they are designed for absolute no latency while scratching to make your investment worthwhile.

A DJturntable depends on software as all the crunch and spice is integrated into it. The included DJ software known as DJUCED 18 with this DJcontroller has some serious potential to stand out above other competitors in the market. From basics to advanced functions this software features all to give you the experience of your life. The good part is that it's full and free!

This compact feature full DJturntable by Hercules delivers a bold performance with a soul full experience. With dual mixing decks, 4 pads per deck and user-friendly interface this DJcontroller prove every bit spent on it.


1- How does a DJ Turntable work and what it is used for?

Basically, a DJ Turntable consists of jog wheels, knobs and other controls that are mapped for performing special effects and features via the DJ Software. Dj software handles all the input signals sent by DJ controllers to output specific signals.

A DJ Turntable gets connected to a laptop or computer, the DJ Software installed on the pc accept the signals from controllers to output a specific mix.
DJ Turntables are used for controlling the DJ software in a more efficient manner via the onboard controls given on it.

2- Features of a DJ Turntable?

Knobs, jog wheels, pads, faders other touch sensitive controls command software functions, and settings.

Onboard display for showing system status, audio levels, and other parameters.
Some Turntable offer android and ios applications for controlling the commands.

3- What should you look for when choosing a Turntable?


Pick a good budget and choose according to it. Don’t go too expensive or too cheap as you’ll face the consequences in the near future.
Stay enclosed in the boundary of your budget and pick the best contenders according to it.


Although there are much software out there, a DJ Turntable support specific software. Go through different reviews of software available in the market and match your needs with them.

After selecting the specific software check that if your DJ Turntable supports it or not!

Getting a whole lot of features is acceptable but it takes a good amount of money with it. Be specific to your needs and then look for functions according to it.

For an instance, a beginner doesn't need four jog wheels in one DJ Turntable as two will be fine for doing loads. So stay dedicated to your needs.

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