Affectionate Words for a Relaxing Sleep ASMR by Little Clover Whispers (2024)

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Affectionate Words for a Relaxing Sleep ASMR by Little Clover Whispers (1)

Little Clover WhispersSep 21, 2023



ASMR Love Poetry ReadingIndulge in the soothing whispers of love this Valentine's Day with this ASMR softly-spoken love letter reading. In this video, I'll be delicately reading heartfelt love letters (some sweet, some goofy!), creating a calming and intimate atmosphere. Close your eyes, relax, and let the gentle whispers of love envelop you. Whether you're celebrating with a special someone or treating yourself to a moment of self-love, this ASMR experience is designed to bring warmth and comfort to your heart.Apr 11, 202419:46ASMR Mouth Sounds - What's Your Flavor?During this video I am putting together your flavor profile! Don't worry, you won't feel a thing (besides maybe a bit of tickling). First I section off 4 different quadrants and work within them, taking my time to properly describe each section. During these parts I added some up close sounds, so hopefully you enjoy these more sensitive parts of the audio.Apr 11, 202433:14SMR | Relaxing Spa Facial for Men | Layered Sounds | Personal AttentionI hope you enjoy the layered sounds I added, especially during the part where I carefully apply the mask to your face! I also added some close up shots! Thank you sooo very much for watching and for your support! Don't be too mean about the green screen ;) Lots of love,Clover xoxJan 12, 202441:35Happy New Year 2024! ASMRIf you're looking for some positive vibes to lead you into the New Year, look no further! During this video I have layered a few different ASMR triggers, including my version of "relaxing fireworks". Let me guide you through with some meditation, deep breathing exercises and some positive affirmations. This is YOUR year, my little one! Let's start it off great! Dec 31, 202320:41Are you on the NAUGHTY or NICE list? ASMRI hope you enjoy this assessment video where I ask you over 60 questions to determine whether or not you'll be getting presents from Santa this year! Please answer honestly :) It is mostly softly spoken, with some writing sounds and paper rustling. Sit back and relax! Dec 31, 202331:07I made this HAIRBRUSHING video just for you! ASMRHello my little one!My name is Clover and today I am going to give you waves of tingle goodness while brushing my soft brown hair. My last hair brushing video was very popular, so I wanted to try making another one! I layered some brushing sounds on top of the "real" ones, since it was quite gentle. Watch my hair go from frizzy to frizzier hehe.. Dec 23, 202319:04You're A Present (and I'm going to wrap you!) ASMRMy name is Clover and I've been making ASMR videos for nearly 10 years now. I love creating a cozy atmosphere where you'll feel loved and relaxed. During this video you're going to be my little present! I've left you for far too long and it's finally time to wrap you before heading off to a Christmas party! Sit back and enjoy while I inspect you for any scratches or dust and talk to myself while trying to figure out how I'm going to cover you with wrapping paper. Lots of wrapping paper noises, paper cutting, tape sounds - this is more of an ASMR video for triggers rather than to fall asleep to, as it can be a bit louder than normal! I did adjust the volume a bit however :) Dec 18, 202328:15Improve Focus and Indulge in Relaxation with ASMR Mouth SoundsHello my little ones! Thanks so much for checking out my latest ASMR video - please grab a snack or a hot drink, curl up with your favourite blanket and get ready for 20 minutes of bliss! During this ASMR video I try out a series of different mouth sounds, going from your left to right ear. I included some hand movements, nail clicking and hair brushing. You'll also love some of the unintelligible whispering throughout. Let me know what was your favourite part!Sending you lots of love and positive vibes,Clover xoxDec 01, 202317:41The QUICKEST way to get TINGLES!Thanks so much for checking out my video :) During our relaxation session today, I take some time to pamper you and give you lots of personal attention! There are a few different key ASMR triggers here, including measuring your face, a piercing roleplay and shaking bottles with liquid inside! I hope you enjoy and that it helps you relax.Nov 06, 202333:25ASMR Halloween Candy TastingDuring this video I try out some popular candies we have here around Halloween. These are probably pretty similar to the ones commonly given out in the USA - however let me know if there are some popular ones in your area that weren't mentioned here!There are some eating sounds in this video, so be aware of that! Nothing too intentionally smacky or chewy, don't worry! Oct 15, 202327:18Affectionate Words for a Relaxing Sleep ASMRThanks so much for checking out my latest ASMR video! Today I am aiming towards getting rid of any loneliness you might be feeling - you are not alone! Sit back and relax and allow me to pamper you! You won't feel lonely any longer after you allow me to lift you up and make you feel very loved! Sep 21, 202317:583.. 2.. 1.. You're Asleep! Countdown ASMRThanks so much for watching this video! During this one, I count down from 100, going from one ear to the other. I hope my soft, up close whispering gives you lots of tingles and brings you to a deep sleep. Sep 20, 202316:00Priceless Treasures 2 (Jewel Inspection) ASMRDuring this video you are bringing your drop to the Boss Lady and she is NOT pleased. Not only were you late, but you also brought her low quality goods. Keep watching to see what happens! Sep 15, 202332:55Cleaning Your Face Relaxing ASMRYou had a sports game tonight and accidentally face plant into the mud.. You and your wife are hosting a dinner party later tonight and your apartment's water is shut off for an hour while the building manager gets some routine work done.. It's now up to your wife to help clean all the mud off your face! Can she do it in time?? Sep 12, 202320:40Get Ready For Deep Sleep With These PINK TriggersThanks so much for checking out my ASMR video! During this video I do a tingle assessment using a hand held device for analyzing your face, I then take a closer look using my pink light pen to see where we will need to start! There is lots of personal attention during this video, with some " tk tk tk" sounds, a dark background and a black light to make my nail colour POP! I hope you find the video relaxingSep 12, 202334:59Relaxing Beard Shave ASMRDuring this video you decided to get your impressive beard shaved off in preparation for a beard growing contest!! Let this sweet barber pamper you - giving you lots of tingles, along with a close-cut shave. Lots of personal attention in this one, I hope you enjoy it.Sep 11, 202349:56Brushing and Sectioning Hair - Very Gentle ASMRThank you so much for checking out my video.. I hope you enjoy the sounds of me brushing my hair, sectioning it off into little parts and finally applying products to it. Lots of up close whispers, soft-spoken words and realistic hair play sounds.Sep 10, 202337:55Get Ready For The Most Relaxing Massage Of Your Life ASMRThanks so much for stopping by again, it's been awhile since you've gotten a massage! During this appointment, I bring out some luxurious coconut lotion and work my way down from your neck to along the length of your arms. There is also some gentle face touching during the beginning of the session!Sep 10, 202330:39Girl At The Back Of The Class Distracts You - ASMRStep into a world of quiet school camaraderie with this latest ASMR experience! Join the girl at the back of the class as she shares secrets and whispers to keep you entertained (but not out of trouble). With soothing gum chewing and the gentle rustle of notes passing, this video is designed to help you relax and escape into a classroom daydream. I also added some ambient class noises, so people talking quietly in the background and pencil scribbling.Sep 09, 202327:47
Affectionate Words for a Relaxing Sleep ASMR by Little Clover Whispers (2024)
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