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Best DJ turntables

1. Technics SL-1210/SL-1200 MK7 DJ Turntable

The 10 Best DJ Turntables | Gear4music (1)Weight: 9.6kg
Dimensions (WxHxL): 453 x 173 x 372 mm
Motor: Direct drive


  • Directly derived from legendary Technics DJ turntable
  • Accurate pitch fader with double pitch range option
  • Automatic calibration
  • Dip switches for in-depth deck customisation
  • Detachable cables
  • Rubber-dampened aluminium platter


  • Not as rugged or heavy as classic Technics
  • Not cheap

Paying homage to the greatest of them all, the latest model of the Technics SL1200/1210 is the MK7, a modernised design featuring an upgraded computerised motor with auto calibration, detachable cables, and an upgraded pitch fader. The pitch fader allows you to double the pitch adjustment range from +/-8 to +/-16, giving you more room to experiment with the speed of your records.

The platter is made from high-quality aluminium and features rubber dampening underneath it, it’s also adorned with the signature stroboscopic dot pattern along the side of the platter. Underneath the platter are a set of dip switches that allow you to customise the torque and the brake speed, enable 78RPM and reverse, and change the colour of the LED lights on the deck.

A new polymer chassis isn’t as heavy as the original model, but it still provides a sturdy base, and although the pitch fader is now digital instead of analog, it still provides unwavering Technics accuracy.

The detachable cables are a much-needed improvement as replacing cables on the old models is an absolute nightmare, Now you can use different-length RCA cables, power cables, and ground wires without having to pay someone to deconstruct and solder your deck.

The downside to this deck is that it’s probably the most expensive commercial DJ turntable on the market. Having said this, it is worth the price due to its high-quality components and precision performance, but if you’re just starting out you might not want to splash the cash on a single turntable.

This turntable is perfect for adept DJs looking to upgrade from their current setup. It’s the ideal deck for you if you want an accurate piece of equipment with a prestigious design.

You can find the MK7 version in both the black finish for the 1210 and the silver finish for the 1200, in traditional Technics fashion.

Shop now | Technics SL-1210 MK7 DJ Turntable& Technics SL-1200 MK7 DJ Turntable

2. Reloop RP 7000 MKII

The 10 Best DJ Turntables | Gear4music (2)Weight: 11.7kg
Dimensions (WxHxL): 458 x 144.6 x 354 mm
Motor: Direct drive


  • Smooth pitch fader with double pitch range
  • Easily accessible torque and break control
  • Removable pilot light
  • Tried and tested super OEM design
  • internal pre-amp for optional line level connection
  • Detachable cables
  • Built-in phono preamp
  • Rubber-dampened aluminium platter
  • Reverse button


  • No room for a 45-single adapter

Since the ’90s, Reloop have been making fantastic DJ equipment, and their expansive range of turntables is very popular. Their flagship DJ turntable, the Reloop RP7000 MKII is a Super OEM design that features all the necessities for DJing like a direct drive motor, a pitch fader, and a tonearm with a counterweight.

The RP7000 MKII can double the pitch adjustment range from +/-8 up to +/- 16 with dedicated buttons for each to avoid confusion between the two settings. It also features a reverse button so you can play records backwards, and to top it all off, you can quickly adjust the torque and vinyl break speed with two accessible dials underneath the tonearm.

Another great feature of the RP 7000 MKII is the removable pilot light, this design allows you to angle the LED over your record and take it off when not in use. This feature also makes replacing the pilot light so much easier, without having to take the player apart.

One downside of the RP 7000 MKII is that it does not come with, and cannot host, a 45RPM single adaptor. Instead of the 45 adapter, the RP 7000 has a secondary play button in the top left corner for when the turntable is in battle mode.

The RP7000 MKII is a great turntable for both beginner and pro DJs, it offers a worthy alternative to both the old and new Technics range.

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3. Reloop RP 8000 MKII

The 10 Best DJ Turntables | Gear4music (3)Weight: 11.8kg
Dimensions (WxHxL): 458 x 144.6 x 354 mm
Motor: Direct drive


  • Made especially for digital vinyl systems
  • Dynamic mixing and performance ability
  • Has MIDI and Serato controls for DVS
  • USB connection capability
  • Dual RCA outputs
  • Platter play MIDI speed control
  • Detachable cables
  • Rubber-dampened aluminium platter


  • No room for a 45-single adapter
  • MIDI controls generate noise when used as a conventional turntable

At its core, the RP 8000 MKII is almost identical to the more conventional RP 7000 MKII. It has all the same controls, and can effectively function as a traditional turntable, but it is designed to operate with Serato DJ DVS software.

This turntable is a one-of-a-kind design, it’s a forward-thinking machine that not only gives you dynamic mixing ability but also allows you to play records like musical instruments in a unique and groundbreaking way.

Featuring a strip of eight RGB backlit pads on the left-hand side of the deck, as well as four dedicated Serato controls, you can use these decks not only to mix but to perform live mash-ups and remixes of tracks with multiple different effects. Above the pitch fader is a useful digital display that shows you the BPM of the track playing.

When the turntable is placed in battle mode, these pads sit parallel to the DJ for easy access. Sending regular MIDI signals, the pads are compatible with all MIDI-capable DJ software. There’s also a knob next to the Serato controls that lets you browse, change and apply effect parameters, and interact with the backlit pads.

Platter play is a revolutionary technology that allows you to manipulate the turntable platter to play at different speeds with the pads, meaning you can sample records as they are playing live. you can also control platter mode with external MIDI controllers, and it works for both DVS digital tracks and live records.

One problem with the RP 8000 MKII is that the extra pads and Serato controls make a slight noise when used in a conventional setting, so they aren’t ideal for those wishing to be able to record perfect vinyl rips or plug their turntable into a HiFi system.

The Reloop RP 8000 MKII is ideal for DVS DJs, live performers, and music producers. Its impressive contemporary functionality allows it to be used like no other turntable.

Shop now | Reloop RP-8000 MK2 Direct Drive Turntable with Serato Control

4. Pioneer DJ PLX-1000 Direct Drive Turntable

The 10 Best DJ Turntables | Gear4music (4)Weight: 14.6kg
Dimensions (WxHxL): 453 x 159 x 353 mm
Motor: Direct drive


  • Pioneer’s signature professional look
  • Heavy duty robust turntable
  • Adjustable pitch range with +/- 8%, +/- 16%, and +/- 50% modes
  • Cheaper than Technics
  • Rubber-dampened aluminium platter
  • Detachable cables


  • Not cheap
  • Little difference between competing brands
  • +/-50% pitch too unstable for DJing

Leading brand Pioneer DJ produce the industry standard digital DJ players, mixers, and controllers, with clubs and festivals all over the world primarily choosing their CDJ, XDJ, and DJM models to kit out their DJ booths. Naturally, Pioneer also produce immensely popular turntables, and the PLX-1000 is the very best they have to offer.

Based on the original Technics 1210 and the super OEM design, this turntable is finessed with Pioneer precision. It has all the features you’d associate with a DJ turntable and its sleek design fits in nicely with other Pioneer hardware. If you’re looking for a full Pioneer setup then this is the turntable for you. Weighing nearly 15kg, this turntable is robust enough to handle busy club use.

Like most modern DJ turntables, the PLX-1000 has a three-speed selection between 33,45, and 78RPM as well as a customisable pitch range. And not only can you double the pitch range from +/- 8 to +/-16, but you can also set it to +/- 50%. This is an insane feature that allows you to play records at practically any speed.

While this is a rather impressive feature, it doesn’t present any practicality for DJing as the stability of the pitch control will be all over the place at high speeds. However, it still gives you the ability to listen to and play records in unconventional ways which could be cool for sampling in music production.

Priced lower than the SL1210 MK7, the PLX-1000 is a more affordable alternative produced by an industry-leading manufacturer, but it’s still not quite as good value for money as other brands. The PLX 1000 is perfect for both home and club use thanks to its nice aesthetic, it functions accurately and will provide a long service life thanks to its sturdy composition.

Shop now | Pioneer DJ PLX-1000 Direct Drive Turntable

5. Audio Technica AT-LP140XP

The 10 Best DJ Turntables | Gear4music (5)Weight: 10kg
Dimensions (WxHxL): 452 x 158.6 x 352 mm
Motor: Direct drive


  • Super OEM design with Audio Technica modifications
  • Unique +/- 24% pitch range mode suitable for DJing
  • Equipped with high-quality phono cartridge
  • Suitable for home listening as well as DJing
  • Well priced for its functionality
  • Removable cables


  • Motor is not as high torque as leading brands
  • No internal preamp

Audio Technica are famous for producing high-end audio equipment, and their turntables live up to the standard. Standing at the forefront of their range is the AT-LP140XP (quite the tongue twister). Despite its incredibly long and complicated name, this turntable is also based on the Super OEM design, but to Audio Technica specifications.

Again, it has all the functions of a standard DJ turntable, the speed is adjustable with the option to play at 33, 45, and 78 RPM, and you can adjust the pitch range from +/-8 and +/-16 up to +/-24%. This pitch range increase is really useful, as it allows you to play your records at vastly different speeds, and the 24% isn’t too unstable for you to be able to mix with.

It also comes equipped with a respectable DJ phono cartridge and headshell that performs well enough to be used as a HiFi cartridge. The included Audio Technica AT-XP3 DJ cartridge provides a warm and colourful sound, and with a spherical stylus tip it accurately tracks the grooves of your records whilst minimising wear and tear.

A downside to this turntable is that it doesn’t have a built-in phono preamp, which means that you must plug it into a mixer or amplifier to bring its signal up to line level. Although, it’s rare that you would need this feature, and a lot of people prefer a fully analog signal path from their turntable.

While this turntable might not have the most powerful motor on the market, it provides an all-around utility for DJing and home listening. The AT-LP140XP is the perfect companion for a DJ controller in your home, it can be hooked up to your stereo and you can enjoy your older records with the high-quality cartridge. It’s a reasonably priced deck considering its high-quality features.

Shop now | Audio Technica AT-LP140XP Direct Drive DJ Turntable

6. Mixars STA

The 10 Best DJ Turntables | Gear4music (6)Weight: 10kg
Dimensions (WxHxL): 450 x 144.6 x 353 mm
Motor: Direct drive


  • Tried and tested super OEM design
  • Modern professional black aesthetic
  • Three pitch range modes up to +/- 50%
  • Powerful direct drive motor
  • Great price
  • Reverse function
  • Torque and Break Adjust
  • Removeable cables


  • Little difference from other super OEM turntables
  • Less accurate than leading brands

A smart Mixars rendition of the Super OEM design. The STA is a professional turntable with looks to match: a professional all-black aesthetic and uniquely designed circular control buttons. It features the standard 33 and 45RPM speed, and it also has an adjustable pitch range with +/- 8, 16 and 50%.

You can easily adjust torque and brake speed with two knobs positioned conveniently away from the tonearm or other moving parts, and if you want to reverse your record, you have access to a dedicated button next to the torque controls.

The pilot light on the Mixars LTA is also removable, allowing you to easily replace it if it gets broken. For added convenience, the STA has removable cables and an internal preamp which gives it ultimate connection ability.

As a super OEM design, it’s not as powerful as original technics, and it doesn’t really differentiate much from other turntables. However, it has a rather strong motor that performs above its price range, suitable for turntablists looking to scratch. It’s an ideal turntable for beginners due to its low price and is perfect for home mixing and recording.

Shop now | Mixars Turntable STA

7. Reloop RP 4000 MKII

The 10 Best DJ Turntables | Gear4music (7)Weight: 9.8kg
Dimensions (WxHxL): 450 x 144 x 352 mm
Motor: Direct drive


  • Direct drive motor
  • 33, 45, and 78 RPM modes
  • Adjustable pitch range from +/- 8 to +/- 16%
  • Reverse mode
  • Great value starter turntable
  • User-friendly and smart layout


  • Hardwired phono cables difficult to replace
  • Not as powerful as higher-end turntables
  • No phono preamp

As with other Reloop turntables, the RP4000 MKII is very good at what it is designed to do. This turntable has loads of high-end features like the adjustable pitch, a reverse feature, and 33, 45, and 78RPM speeds.

Based on the Super OEM design, the turntable has a unique minimalistic and organised layout that provides an easy platform to learn to mix on.

The RP4000 MKII has quite a plastic feel to it and some of the components don’t have the high-end sturdiness that other Reloop turntables or Technics would. The phono cables are hardwired into the turntable itself which is a pain for adjusting cable length and cable replacement.

The Reloop RP-4000 is a very good turntable, nonetheless. And for mixing at home, it’s perfect. I would recommend these decks for beginner vinyl DJs, and I myself (yes, me, the writer) learned to mix on them when I owned a pair. I can concur it is a great value starter turntable that can be used for all applications.

Shop now | Reloop RP-4000 MK2 Direct Drive Turntable

8. Gemini TT-4000 Direct Drive DJ Turntable

The 10 Best DJ Turntables | Gear4music (8)Weight: 9.8kg
Dimensions (WxHxL): 450 x 144 x 352 mm
Motor: Direct drive


  • Great value turntable for beginner DJs
  • Simple design
  • Easy to learn to mix on
  • USB connectivity
  • Internal phono preamp
  • Three-speed selection


  • Cheap construction
  • Basic functions only

Gemini are a veteran music equipment brand, having designed and manufactured great products since the 1970s. It comes as no surprise that their Super OEM design turntable is a viable option for beginner DJs.

The TT-4000 features all the standard controls you’d expect from a DJ controller, it can play records at 33, 45 and 78RPM, and it has a USB connection.

The USB connection is what really stands out on this turntable as it converts analog signals from your records into digital media, allowing you to record and digitise your music, as well as use DVS software like Serato.

There are plenty of other turntables to choose from, but the Gemini TT 4000 is a classy and uncomplicated design that functions well and doesn’t break the bank. If you’re wanting to get into the world of vinyl DJing this is a fantastic beginner turntable.

Shop now | Gemini TT-4000 Direct Drive DJ Turntable

9. Numark PT01 Scratch Portable Turntable

The 10 Best DJ Turntables | Gear4music (9)Weight: 9.8kg
Dimensions (WxHxL): 450 x 144 x 352 mm
Motor: Belt drive


  • Portable standalone DJ deck
  • Can be battery powered
  • Tailor-made fader provides a smooth response
  • 33, 45, and 78RPM modes
  • RCA out connection
  • USB connectivity
  • Stereo 3.5mm jack input
  • Internal speaker
  • Headphone jack with two connector sizes
  • Can be used by record diggers as a portable listening station


  • Belt drive isn’t suitable for mixing
  • Tonearm is not adjustable or customisable
  • Crossfader is quite basic and fiddly
  • Not as feature packed as other portable turntables

Enter the PT01, a fantastic portable scratch turntable from Numark. This is the most popular portable scratch turntable on the market, with its great price, exceptional utility, and stylish look.

It features a 7-inch platter, but spaced-out controls and fabric buffers allow you to play both 10 and 12-inch records as well. The PT01 also has its own internal speakers, a dual RCA output for connecting to any speaker system, and a USB port for connecting to a laptop or computer.

To monitor your performance, the PT01 has a dual jack headphone input that is compatible with any standard audio headphones.

You can power the Numark PT01 with an included AC adapter or six D-type batteries, giving you the power to scratch anywhere you go. Adorned with controls such as 33, 45, and 78RPM platter speeds, a pitch adjust, a tone knob, and a volume dial, the PT01 gives you a decent amount of controls and parameters that you can adjust to suit your scratch style.

Plus, it’s possible to scratch over beats from your mobile thanks to the included 3.5mm stereo input that allows for a portable media device.

The PT01 also features a unique switch-style crossfader that operates differently from conventional faders. This switch fader is very agile and offers a super speedy response. However, you cannot customise the curve or cut in. Additionally, the tonearm is quite basic, but the cartridge is easily replaceable, and it features a sturdy clip that holds it in place during transport.

Another unfortunate downside is that the Numark PT01 is a belt drive turntable, so it isn’t suitable for mixing (you can try if you really want to), but as a portable turntable, it delivers. It’s also the ideal record-digging partner, with its ability to play all records of standard speed and size, meaning you can take it to any record shop and have your own personal listening station.

With aftermarket parts, you can upgrade your PT01. There are plenty of 3rd party manufacturers that make crossfaders, tonearm modifications, and even extra controls. Bear in mind, however, that modifying the PT01 in any way does void its Numark warranty, but as it’s an inexpensive turntable, spares and repairs aren’t going to be bank-breaking.

I would recommend this turntable to anyone wanting to get into scratching or portablism, it’s cost-effective, versatile, and has room for modification and upgrade.

Shop now | Numark PT01 Scratch Portable Turntable

10. Stanton STX Limited Edition Portable Scratch Turntable

The 10 Best DJ Turntables | Gear4music (10)Weight: 9.8kg
Dimensions (WxHxL): 450 x 144 x 352 mm
Motor: Belt drive


  • Portable standalone DJ deck
  • Can be battery powered
  • Tailor-made fader provides a smooth response
  • EQ and pitch adjust with “Ultra Pitch”
  • 33, 45, and 78RPM modes
  • RCA out connection
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity
  • Extra USB slot and recording function
  • Stereo line-in jack
  • Internal speakers
  • Headphone jack with two connector sizes


  • Belt drive isn’t suitable for mixing
  • Only allows you to play 7-inch records
  • Tonearm isn’t adjustable or customisable
  • Expensive for a portable scratch turntable
  • Rather heavy for transporting

Stanton are a popular brand in the DJ world thanks to their high-end phono cartridges and turntables.

The Stanton STX features USB connectivity, Bluetooth pairing, and a stereo in 3.5mm jack that allows you to play beats into the turntable and scratch over them. Conveniently, the USB port also means you can connect to a computer and route audio out that way, and an additional USB slot allows you to plug a memory stick into the deck and record instantly with the push of a button.

With RCA outputs, you can plug your STX into a professional speaker system. Alternatively, there’s an internal speaker you can use to practise your cuts. A headphone jack with two size inputs allows you to plug any headphones into the deck, but you can only use one input at a time.

The STX is a powerful portable turntable. It boasts a bespoke nano crossfader with an adjustable curve and cut in, as well as reverse and fader select switches. Designed by Innofader, the crossfader provides a smooth response and allows you to customise it to your desire.

With 33, 45 and 78RPM, speeds and a pitch fader that can be set to an “Ultra Pitch” option, you can play records at obscene speeds and experiment and scratch dynamically.

Unfortunately, the Stanton STX cannot support 10-inch or 12-inch records, which completely limits it to playing 7-inch singles or scratch vinyl. Alongside the size limitations, you can’t properly DJ on the STX because it has a belt drive motor system that isn’t accurate when it comes to keeping records in time with each other.

Despite the drawbacks, the STX is the best at what it is designed to do. It provides the ultimate portable scratch experience. I’d recommend this turntable for any avid portablists or turntablists looking for a dynamic turntable to practise and play on whilst on the move.

Shop now | Stanton STX Limited Edition Portable Scratch Turntable

The 10 Best DJ Turntables | Gear4music (2024)
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