Who Is Lily At&t Commercial – Repeat Replay (2024)

Lily Adams, played by actress Milana Vayntrub, is a character in the popular AT&T commercials that have been gracing our television screens for several years now. Lily is known for her quirky personality and her humorous interactions with customers in the commercials. In this article, we will delve deeper into who Lily is and provide you with 8 interesting facts about her.

1. Lily Adams is a fictional character created by AT&T for their advertising campaigns. She first appeared in AT&T commercials in 2013 and has since become a fan favorite.

2. Milana Vayntrub, the actress who plays Lily Adams, is a talented comedian and actress. She has appeared in various television shows and movies, but it is her role as Lily that has gained her widespread recognition.

3. Lily is portrayed as an AT&T store employee who is always eager to help customers with their phone and internet needs. She is known for her bubbly personality and witty sense of humor.

4. One of the most iconic aspects of Lily’s character is her thick, Russian accent. This accent adds to her charm and makes her stand out from other characters in advertising campaigns.

5. Lily’s character has evolved over the years, with AT&T introducing new storylines and scenarios for her to navigate. From dealing with difficult customers to showcasing the latest AT&T products, Lily’s character has kept viewers entertained and engaged.

6. The AT&T commercials featuring Lily have been praised for their humor and creativity. They have won several awards for their innovative approach to advertising and have helped to boost AT&T’s brand image.

7. Lily’s character has also been featured in various social media campaigns and has a strong following online. Fans of the commercials often share memes and quotes from Lily’s character, further solidifying her popularity.

8. Despite being a fictional character, Lily Adams has become a memorable figure in the world of advertising. Her quirky personality and comedic timing have endeared her to audiences of all ages, making her one of the most recognizable faces in the industry.

Now that we have explored who Lily Adams is and some interesting facts about her, let’s move on to some common questions that viewers may have about this beloved character:

1. Is Lily Adams a real person?

No, Lily Adams is a fictional character created by AT&T for their advertising campaigns.

2. What is the name of the actress who plays Lily Adams?

The actress who plays Lily Adams is Milana Vayntrub.

3. How long has Lily Adams been appearing in AT&T commercials?

Lily Adams has been appearing in AT&T commercials since 2013.

4. What is Lily Adams’ job in the commercials?

Lily Adams is portrayed as an AT&T store employee who helps customers with their phone and internet needs.

5. Why does Lily Adams have a Russian accent?

Lily Adams has a Russian accent to add to her quirky and memorable character.

6. What sets Lily Adams apart from other advertising characters?

Lily Adams is known for her humor, wit, and charm, which have made her a fan favorite in the advertising world.

7. Has Lily Adams’ character evolved over the years?

Yes, AT&T has introduced new storylines and scenarios for Lily Adams to navigate, keeping her character fresh and engaging.

8. What awards have the AT&T commercials featuring Lily Adams won?

The AT&T commercials featuring Lily Adams have won several awards for their innovative approach to advertising.

9. How can fans of Lily Adams interact with the character online?

Fans of Lily Adams can engage with the character through social media campaigns and by sharing memes and quotes from the commercials.

10. What makes Lily Adams a memorable figure in advertising?

Lily Adams’ quirky personality, comedic timing, and strong following online have made her a memorable figure in the world of advertising.

11. Will Lily Adams continue to appear in AT&T commercials in the future?

There is no official word on whether Lily Adams will continue to appear in AT&T commercials, but fans are hopeful that she will make a return.

12. What impact has Lily Adams had on AT&T’s brand image?

Lily Adams has helped to boost AT&T’s brand image through her entertaining and engaging commercials, which have resonated with audiences.

13. How has Milana Vayntrub’s portrayal of Lily Adams been received by viewers?

Milana Vayntrub’s portrayal of Lily Adams has been widely praised for her comedic talents and ability to bring the character to life.

14. What makes Lily Adams stand out from other advertising characters?

Lily Adams’ unique personality, humor, and charm set her apart from other advertising characters and have made her a beloved figure in the industry.

15. What can viewers expect from future AT&T commercials featuring Lily Adams?

Viewers can expect more humor, wit, and charm from Lily Adams in future AT&T commercials, as the character continues to entertain and engage audiences.

In conclusion, Lily Adams is a beloved and iconic character in the world of advertising. Her quirky personality, humor, and charm have endeared her to audiences of all ages, making her a memorable figure in the industry. With her Russian accent and witty one-liners, Lily Adams has become a fan favorite in the AT&T commercials, and her popularity shows no signs of waning. As viewers continue to enjoy Lily’s antics on their screens, it is clear that she has left a lasting impression on the world of advertising.

Who Is Lily At&t Commercial – Repeat Replay (2024)


Who is Lily on the AT&T commercial? ›

If you don't know the actor Milana Vayntrub by name, then chances are high that you would recognize her face. Since 2013, Vayntrub has been the on-and-off again star of many AT&T commercials as the character Lily, a jolly AT&T employee who has comedic interactions with customers.

Did Milana Vayntrub get married? ›

Vayntrub is married and has a son, but has chosen to keep both of their names private.

Why was Lily fired from AT&T? ›

AT&T's decision to fire Lily Adams, the spokesperson for their “bathing suit full body” campaign, has caused a stir in the advertising and marketing industry. The move was prompted by a series of contentious tweets by Adams, which unearthed her past derogatory remarks about the LGBTQ+ community.

How much does Lily AT&T make? ›

The Soviet-born actress has an estimated net worth of $3 million as of 2021. She is renowned for portraying Lily Adams in a long-running series of AT&T commercials and directed advertisem*nts.

Did Milana Vayntrub have a baby? ›

When discussing her activism and thoughts about the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Vayntrub spoke openly about getting an abortion at the age of 22. "It was never even a thought that I was going to keep that child. There was no part of me that was like weighting the options," she said.

Did John Mayer date Milana Vayntrub? ›

Milana Vayntrub and John Mayer

In 2006, she was rumoured to be dating American singer and songwriter John Mayer. According to reports, their relationship was more of a casual fling than a serious relationship. Even so, Milana Vayntrub and John Mayer are said to have been involved for close to a year ending in 2007.

What happened to the AT&T girl? ›

Vayntrub, who was the AT&T spokesman from 2013 to 2016, returned in 2020 with a new set of commercials touting working from home and video chatting with iPhones and 5G. AT&T issued a statement backing Vayntrub in 2020.

Is Lily from AT&T from Ukraine? ›

Milana Aleksandrovna Vayntrub (/ˈvaɪntruːb/; Uzbek Cyrillic: Милана Александровна Вайнтруб; born March 8, 1987) is an Uzbekistan-born American actress and comedian. She plays the character Lily Adams in a series of AT&T television commercials. Tashkent, Uzbek SSR, U.S.S.R.

Who are players in ATT commercial? ›

NBA fans tuning into playoff basketball may have noticed the particular commercial featuring Oklahoma City Thunder players Chet Holmgren and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander looping ad nauseam during commercial breaks.

Who are the actresses on the new AT&T Fiber commercial? ›

Rainn Wilson in a new AT&T commercial, which reunites him with 'The Office' stars Jenna Fischer, Craig Robinson, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, and Creed Bratton. The ad then reveals its fake product: a custom pillow with two speakers that play audio of Wilson narrating sleep meditations.

Who is the voice actress for the AT&T commercials? ›

AT&T premiered an ad campaign with the slogan “Just OK Is Not OK.” For the series of ads that make up this campaign, the company uses the voice of actor and screenwriter Lena Waithe.

Is Zooey Deschanel the new AT&T Lily? ›

Zooey Covers for Lily

So, how did Zooey fare as Lily's stand-in spokeswoman replacement? In the follow-up spot, “Zooey Covers for Lily,” Zooey introduces herself as “Lily” to an in-store customer clad in the same ensemble Lily wears with a Lily name tag.

Who are the guys in the AT&T commercial What a pro wants? ›

If you've watched an iota of sports on television over the past few months, you know the spot in question: two stylish guys wearing dark jackets, who it turns out are young Oklahoma City Thunder star basketball players Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Chet Holmgren—though you might not know that if you aren't a hoophead— ...

Is Keegan Michael Key in the AT&T commercial? ›

Anybody else wonder what the point of having Keegan-Michael Key in that AT&T commercial where he's a plane passenger, but says nothing? Why not just hire somebody who sorta looks like him, but at a fraction of his cost?

What happened to the T-Mobile girl? ›

T-Mobile debuted its new ad campaign on March 26, 2013, without Foulkes. The company has said that the 'T-Mobile Girl' character has been sidelined for now, but this is believed to be a permanent advertising change.

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